A Letter to Marc-Andre Fleury

I’m sure you’re very busy but I hope this letter reaches you somehow. Even if it doesn’t, I just wanted to write something about one of my most favourite players. I’m certainly not a professional writer. I’m just another Pittsburgh Penguins fan who is incredibly thankful for everything you have done both on and off the ice in Pittsburgh.

You have taught me so many lessons throughout your time as a Penguin. When I was becoming interested in hockey, you taught me how important goalies were. A team is nothing without a good goalie and your contributions to the Pittsburgh Penguins prove this to be true. So many people just blindly blame a goalie if their team loses but you’ve taught me that the classic “blame the goalie” excuse is incredibly unfair. I’ve learned to be critical of every player on a team. Watching you play has inspired immense respect for those who are between the pipes. In my opinion, goalies are often unsung heroes who deserve a lot of love and support. No matter what team you play for, I know that many people will always love and support you.

You’ve also taught me the importance of a smile. Your smile is one of my favourite things. I love seeing you smile after a big save and it’s even better to see you smile after winning a game. Whenever I’m having a bay day or dealing with a bad situation I remind myself of how you always smile even if things aren’t going the way you want them to. Your unflappable positive attitude is something which I greatly admire and strive to emulate. Please continue to smile in Las Vegas, Flower.

Mental health issues have made this a rough year for me but I always looked forward to seeing you and the Penguins play hockey. Penguins hockey got me out of bed when nothing else would. I loved watching you and the team play and I also loved seeing the pre-game locker room footage (you’re amazing at cartwheels, by the way). Hockey has always been incredibly important to me but this year I am especially grateful for the happiness you and the Penguins brought me.

Thank you for everything, Marc-Andre Fleury. Thank you for being a wonderful goaltender and a wonderful person in general. Congratulations on your Stanley Cup run this year. You were amazing, as always. I wish you the best of luck in Las Vegas. Of all the goalies past and present, you’re my favourite.

You’re unforgettable, Flower. May you always be in bloom.

Merci beaucoup.


Laura M